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Fein MM500 Plus MultiMaster Starlock Model Body + Case 240volt

Fein MM500 Plus MultiMaster Starlock Model Body + Case 240volt

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Fein MM500Plus Basic MultiMaster Starlock Model Body Only In Carry Case

This Fein MM500 Plus Basic MultiMaster  240volt features a QuickIn accessory change without the need for an allen key.

It comes supplied in a plastic carry case with 1 x Blade

5 metres long cable.

Features: anti vibration system electronic speed control (tacho generator) 350 watts power consumption 10000 - 19500 rpm speed 1.4kg weight. 

The new FEIN MultiMaster MM500  saws up to35% fasterthan its predecessor and at least twice as fast as the most powerful competitor. (Tested by sawing 4 square 8x2.5cm sections of beech using the saw blade supplied in each case.) 

Depending on accessories and frequencyvibrations on the housing of the new FEIN MultiMaster are reduced by up to 70%compared with the previous model. In most applications the new MultiMaster achieves vibration class 0 ( 2.5 m/sec). Almost half the sound pressure level of the previous FEIN MultiMaster 250 model. (Sound pressure level in PA measured with the tool switched on at maximum speed without accessories.)

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