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Stanley 1200mm /48" FatMax I Beam Level 3 Vials (1-43-555)

Stanley 1200mm /48" FatMax I Beam Level 3 Vials (1-43-555)

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Stanley 1-43-555 FatMax I Beam Level 120cm

The Stanley FatMax I Beam Level comes in 3 different sizes: 60cm, 120cm and 180cm. The 1-43-555, like the others, has solid-block vials to provide an accuracy of 0.5mm/m in eight orientations. It is twice as strong as other Stanley levels thanks to its unique reinforced box-beam construction with a lightweight body and rule scale for ease of marking out. The 3 vials are magnified for improved all-round visibility with shock-absorbing end caps to protect the level even if it's dropped.


  • The aluminium body removes excess dirt and prolongs the life
  • Magnified centre vial for more user comfort
  • MaxEdge centre vial: bridged centre vial for continuous marking surface
  • Solid vials for better control and fewer slips
  • Top read scale for fast measurements
  • Vials accuracy of 0.5mm/m for improved accuracy


  • Part number:  1-43-555
  • length:  120cm
  • Vials:  3
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