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Trend VARIJIG Varijig System Adjustable Frame

Trend VARIJIG Varijig System Adjustable Frame

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Trend VARIJIG Varijig System Adjustable Frame

The Varijig from Trend is an adjustable frame and guide for use with a router for cutting rectangles and squares. Using the Varijig allows a router to cut recesses, slots and face panel moulds with a maximum working area of 600mm x 600mm. It can also be used to create panel doors for kitchens etc.


  • Four lengths of 700mm extrusion with dual metric/imperial measuring scales
  • Working area 600mm x 600mm. Includes router anti-tilt block
  • Cross cut accuracy to 0.1mm, a square is required to square frame before use
  • Use with a guide bush with minimum 8mm spigot length, or use Unibase as guide
  • Secure with standard clamps or use optional clamp kit
  • Warranty: 12 months

Comes With:

  • 4 x Alloy Extrusion with Scales
  • 4 x Corner brackets
  • 1 x Anti-tilt shoe
  • 1 x Anti tilt Shoe fixing screw


  • Extrusion width: 54mm
  • Extrusion height: 15.8mm
  • Nett Weight: 2.13 Kg
  • Packaged Size: 80 x 720 x 75mm
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