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3 x PRO 30D Soudal D3 Waterproof Wood Glue 750ml Fast Dry PVA Heat Resistant

3 x PRO 30D Soudal D3 Waterproof Wood Glue 750ml Fast Dry PVA Heat Resistant

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3 x Pro30D Waterproof Wood Adhesive is a ready to use PVAc-based wood adhesive with a high durability (D3).




- Easy application
- Transparent when dry
- High bond strength
- Fast drying
- Resistant to high temperatures




- Interior applications with frequent short-term exposure of the bonds to running or condensed water
- Interior applications with long-term exposure of the bonds to high humidity
- Exterior applications which are not exposed to weather
- Manufacturing of door and window-frames that need to meet class D3 according to EN204.
- Bonding of wood, board, chipboard, veneer Mounting of soft wood
- Construction bonding such as mortise and tenon joints, punches, etc.
- Stationary edge-banding with veneers, plastic laminates and solid wood strips
- Surface bonding of decor-finish film, HPL and CPL to chipboard, MDF and Triplex
- Bonding joints in boards and block bonding of softwood, hardwood and chipboard




Method: apply the adhesive by means of a brush, notched trowel or mechanically to one of the to be bonded substrates. Join the parts together and press for 1 - 2 hours.
Application temperature: Temperature of working space, adhesive and substrates 18°C to 20°C
Pressing times: if applicable; the curing time depends strongly on the used kind of wood, temperature, amount of adhesive, the porosity of the materials to be bonded and the production rate.
Clean: Uncured Pro30D Waterproof Wood 
Adhesive may be removed from materials and tools with water. Cured adhesive must be removed mechanically.
Repair: with Pro30D Waterproof Wood Adhesive
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