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6 x Soudal Professional Gun Grade Expanding Foam Gap Filler DuraValve 750ml

6 x Soudal Professional Gun Grade Expanding Foam Gap Filler DuraValve 750ml

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6 x Professional Range Gun Grade Expanding Foam from SOUDAL

Do not confuse this product with other ebay listings showing the Blue Soudal Foam but selling the cheaper Trade Range Foam, we only sell the Professional Range foam with DURAVALVE

DuraValve improves yield & performance of the products over a much longer time than standard valves. It also stops non-extrusion issues, so no more blockages!

POLYURETHANE expanding foam filler. Gap filling formulation with high 3D expansion. Easy to use, one component. Rapid curing. Excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties. Primerless adhesion on most construction materials. Available in Hand Held and Genius Gun®, Gun Grade and Click & Fix® versions both come with DuraValve.

• Polyurethane foam filler
• Volume yield FEICA TM1003 - 750ml Gun Grade: 34L
• Acoustic rating ISO 717-1: 58 dB
• Thermal conductivity DIN 52612: 37mW/mK
• Application temperatures: +5C to +30C
• Hand Held, Genius Gun®, Gun Grade and Click & Fix® versions.

General purpose gap filling: pipe penetrations, insulation and roofing materials and general construction.


Aerosol can 750mL

Shelf life:

· 12 months in unopened packaging in a cool and dry storage place at temperatures between +5°C and +25°C.

· Always store can with the valve pointed upwards


Shake the aerosol can for at least 20 seconds. Fit the gun on the adapter. Moisten surfaces with a water sprayer prior to application. Fill holes and cavities for 65 %, as the foam will expand. Repeat shaking regularly during application. If you have to work in layers repeat moistening after each layer. Fresh foam can be removed using Soudal Foamcleaner or acetone. Cured foam can only be removed mechanically. Working temperature 5°C to 30°C. (20°C-25°C recommended)

Health and safety recommendation:

· Apply the usual industrial hygiene.

· Wear gloves and safety goggles.

· Remove cured foam by mechanical means only, never burn away

· Consult the label for more information


· Cured PU foam must be protected from UVradiation by painting or applying a top layer of sealant (silicone, MS Polymer, acrylic and PUsealant)

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