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Fibreglass Repair Kit SOUDAL GRP Resin Matting Glass Fibre Big Kit Boats 1000ml

Fibreglass Repair Kit SOUDAL GRP Resin Matting Glass Fibre Big Kit Boats 1000ml

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POLYSET is a repair set which consists of : Preaccellerated polyester resin, fibre glass tissue, hardening component, mixing vessel, mixing tool and application instructions.

- very easy to apply
- 2-components
- transparent
- fast drying
- permanent very strong repair bond

- Strengthening, reinforcement and replacement of damaged parts in carbodies, polyester, wood
- Repairing of holes in carbody parts
- Repair and replacement of rusted parts
- repair product for larger damage on boats, surfboards etc.

Directions for use
Application Method :
- Cut the glassfibre tissue to the requested size, with an area of 3 cm exceding each side of the substrate to be repaired.
- Mix the amount to be used with 2-4% Hardener in the mixing vessel until the mass is homogenous.
- Apply a layer of the polyester resin mixture with the brush onto the substrate.
- Press the cut glassfibre tissue onto the substrate and apply a new layer of the polyester resin mixture.
- Repeat this procedure after drying, taking care that the next piece of fibre glass tissue will exceed the previous piece by 1cm on each side.
- Sand with rough grained sandpaper after hardening and finish with a thin layer of Metal Plastic.
Application Temperature :+10°C until +25°C
Clean with : acetone
Repair with : Polyset
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