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Hyundai 58cc 300mm 12" Inch Petrol Disc Cutter / Concrete Saw With Diamond Disc

Hyundai 58cc 300mm 12" Inch Petrol Disc Cutter / Concrete Saw With Diamond Disc

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Powerful 58cc 2-stroke engine: Ideal for cutting through stone, brick, concrete, paving and more

300mm blade diameter: Make light work of a range of materials

Large 105mm cutting depth: For clean and thorough cuts first time

Diamond blade: Offering optimum cutting performance

Wheeled skid plate: Assist with straight-line and low-level cutting to minimise strain

Includes hose attachment: To reduce and prevent excessive dust during use

Peace of mind: 3 year home-use Hyundai warranty, 1 year commercial (terms apply)

Petrol Disc Cutter With Diamond Blade

The HYDC5830 is a petrol-powered 2-stroke disc cutter from Hyundai fitted with a diamond disc for powerful and precise cutting of a number of different materials.

Powerful Hyundai Engine

This disc cutter features a powerful 58cc 2-stroke petrol engine which has a high power to weight ratio compared to traditional 4 stroke engines. This gives you more power, without the strain.

300mm Blade Diameter

The HYDC5830 concrete saw?s large blade diameter of 300mm / 12? allows you to effortlessly cut through stone, brick, tiles, concrete (including reinforced), paving, and a range of other materials.

105mm Cutting Depth

The HYDC5830 cutting disc boasts a large 105mm cutting depth for clean and thorough cuts first-time.

Diamond Blade

Diamond cutting discs offer unrivalled performance in comparison to other lower-quality blades, with diamond blades being able to slice through a number of different materials, such as concrete and brick, with ease.

Straight Line Cutting

The HYDC5830 concrete cutter features a wheeled skid plate to minimise strain and assist with straight-line and low-level cutting and allows the tool to be put down before the diamond disc has finished spinning. Note that you must attach the disc cutter to the mains water supply or a dust suppression tank (sold separately, widely available) which will assist with removing any excess dust created from the cutter.

Well-Balanced Disc Cutter

Weighing 13.2kg with the blade attached, this compact yet powerful machine has also been designed to be incredibly well-balanced for maximum control of your cutting at all times.

Petrol Disc Cutter

As this disc cutter is petrol-powered, it means you won?t have to worry about using it within a certain distance of a power source and also dealing with trailing power cables. You also won?t have to deal with the comparative power limitations of battery-powered saws, as well as having to ensure the battery is charged before use.

3 Year Warranty

This petrol disc cutter is covered by Hyundai?s 3 year platinum warranty for your peace of mind, and also has full UK-based parts backup to maintain your machine for years to come. 

Safety Warning

This petrol disc cutter must only be used by experienced operators. As it is petrol-powered, it must never be used inside or in confined spaces due to the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Item Tools
Power Source Petrol
Fuel 40:1 Pre-mix Petrol and 2-Stroke Oil
Fuel Tank Capacity 550ml
Max Cutting Depth 105mm
Blade Diameter 300mm
Type Of Blade Diamond Blade
Blade Centre Hole Diameter 20mm
Boxed Dimensions 755 x 450 x 355mm (L x W x H)
Assembled Dimensions 785 x 295 x 385mm (L x W x H)
Weight (net) 13.2kg
Weight (Without Blade) 10.2kg
Weight (Gross) 15.6kg
Warranty 3 Years DIY / 1 Year Professional
Colour Blue
Engine 2-stroke air-cooled single-cylinder
Engine Capacity 58cc
Make Hyundai
Rated Power 2.4kW
Maximum RPM 8000
Idling Speed 2800-3200r/min
Start Method Recoil
Sub-Type Concrete Saw
Brand Hyundai
Type Saws & Saw Blades
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