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Hyundai DHY18KSEm 18kW/22.5kVA Single Phase Diesel Generator

Hyundai DHY18KSEm 18kW/22.5kVA Single Phase Diesel Generator

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Hyundai 18kW/22.5kVA Single Phase Diesel Generator DHY18KSEm
The Hyundai DHY18KSEm 18kW/22.5kVA Single Phase Diesel Generator is an economical generator that produces up to 22.5kVA with 21hp 1500rpm Hyundai diesel engine. Perfect for home or work, the DHY18KSEm is an essential piece of equipment for prime as well as backup power. Thanks to its AVR alternator, it can be used to power smaller more delicate electrical items like game consoles, computers and televisions. This highly cost-effective generator can run on red diesel, which is safer to store than regular petrol and much cheaper to buy than road diesel. In addition, the engine is stressed less running at 1500rpm than other generators running at 3000rpm, meaning its lifetime is significantly extended if serviced properly. The DHY18KSEm can also be set up to work with an Automatic Transfer Switch. This can register any loss of mains power and turn on the DHY18KSEm automatically - and turn itself off again when power is restored. Please note that a forklift will be required for unloading this generator upon delivery.

Features and Benefits:
Capable of powering sensitive smaller electronic equipment like laptops and televisions
Can be paired with ATS to turn itself on when loss of mains power is detected (and off when power returns)
Runs efficiently at 1500rpm for a longer working life
Utilises red diesel, a cheaper and safer option than petrol or road diesel

Technical Specification:
Model - DHY18KSEm
Rated/Prime kVA* - 20
Rated/Prime kW - 16
Max/Standby kVA* - 22.5
Max/Standby kW - 18
Phase - Single
Voltage - 230
Connection Method(s) - 2 x 230V/32A 1 x 230vV/63A Busbar
Rated Speed (RPM) - 1500
Frequency (Hz) - 50
Max/Continuous Current (Amps) -78.3 / 69.6
Power Factor (Cosf) - 1
Fuel/Power Source - Diesel
Fuel Tank (Litres) - 77.5
Runtime (Hours) @ 100% Load - 12.5
Noise Level @ 1m 75% load (dB) - 70
Noise Level @ 7m 75% load (dB) - 65
Hyundai Diesel Engine Model - HY490
Power Output (kw) - 21
Displacement (CC) - 2500
No. of Cylinders - 4
Displacement (Litres) - 2.5
Recommended Oil Type - SAE 15W40
Oil Capacity (Litres) - 6
Oil Filter Part No. - JX0810D1/JX85100C
Aspiration - Natural
Fuel Regulation/Governor System - Mechanical
Fuel Consumption (100% Load) [Litres] - 6.2
Fuel Filter Part No. - CX0708
Cooling - Water
Alternator Model - 184E
Breakers - 2P D100A 100mA
Alternator Type - Brushless
Voltage Regulation - AVR
Air Filter Part No. - K1317
Net Weight (kg) - 786
Dimensions L x W x H (mm) - 1900 x 900 x 1120
Battery System / Starting (V - Ah) - 1 x 12/60
ATS / MTS Compatible - Yes
Control Panel - ComAp AMF9

Supplied With:
1 x Hyundai DHY18KSEm 18kW/22.5kVA Single Phase Diesel Generator
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