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Hyundai HY4500SEI Petrol Portable Inverter Generator 4.0kW / 5kVA

Hyundai HY4500SEI Petrol Portable Inverter Generator 4.0kW / 5kVA

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Hyundai HY4500SEI 230V Petrol Driven 4000W 4.0kW 5kVA Portable Silenced Generator

  • Key Features
    • Maximum output 4000w  4.0kW 5kVA ideal for large motorhomes, especially if powering Air-con units.
    • Rear wheels & front handle for easy transporting.
    • Remote electric start key fob plus pull start.
    • 2x 230v/13a sockets & 1x 12v 5amp DC socket.
    • LCD Display which displays the performance of the generator, displaying voltage, frequency and hour count.
    • “ECO” mode lowers the engine rpm to increase fuel economy while reducing noise and extending the engine lifespan when running at less than full load.
    • Covered by Hyundai 12 Month Warranty.
    • Full UK service and parts operation to maintain your generator for years to come.

    The HY4500SEi is a compact yet extremely powerful portable inverter generator from Hyundai. Providing a convenient and cost-effective source of power the HY4500SEi is the perfect generator for domestic requirements along with providing power whilst camping or in a caravan away from mains power.

    Powered by the Hyundai HY225E 223cc 4-stroke OHV engine producing a max output of 4000w/5.0kVA the HY4500SEi is capable of powering microwaves, hair straighteners, air conditioning units, televisions, small air compressors for inflatable beds, electric heaters, power tools, laptops, lights and much more allowing you to take the modern luxuries from home with you wherever you go.

    The compact symmetrical design allows effective storage, transportation and manoeuvrability. Weighing 50kg combined with the folding front, moulded rear soft grip handle and heavy duty rear wheels make transportation easy across a variety of surfaces.

    The HY4500SEI houses the latest Hyundai digital inverter technology designed to cope with the extreme inductive loads applied when using power tools and electric motors with high start up currents. The LCD display makes it easy to monitor the performance of the generator, displaying voltage, frequency and hour count.

    The control panel features two 230v sockets for use with any appliance which uses a standard 3-pin 13A UK mains plug, as well as a 12v DC battery charging outlet. The HY4500SEi is a very low noise generator based on the average 50% load, the noise level is 59dB at 7m.

    Producing a pure sine wave output, it can safely power sensitive electronics without risk of damaging or overloading them. Starting the generator is simple after connecting the battery and switching ON, simply press the start button on the key fob and the generator will start immediately, there is also a recoil pull start backup for emergency situations.

    Built to be user-friendly with low maintenance requirements the HY4500SEi features digital overload protection which will shut the generator down should the load pass the maximum threshold, and low oil shutdown also turns off the generator should the oil levels drop too far.

    Highly economical, the HY4500SEi has a “ECO” mode which, when selected, will lower the engine speed to match the load applied to the generator, which in turn increases the fuel economy, lowers the noise produced and extends the lifespan of the engine.

Leisure generators are designed for weekend and holiday use or standby use. Not designed for continuous daily use or off-grid power supply. 

More Information
Engine Model HY4500SEI
Engine Type HY225E 4 Stroke Overhead Valve Single Cylinder - Air Cooling
Engine Size (cc) 223cc
Oil Capacity (ml) 600ml
Noise Level db (A) @ 7m 59dB(A)/7m
Rated Speed (rpm) 3600rpm
Rated Power (kW) 3.2kW / 4kVA*
Maximum Power (kW) 4.0kW / 5kVA*
Start Method Electric Remote Start & Pull Start
Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 9.0L Unleaded Petrol
Voltage (VAC) 230V
Frequency (Hz) 50Hz
Dry Weight - kg 50
Dimensions (H x W x L) (mm) 605X447X487
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