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Hyundai HYLS8000VE - Electric Log Splitter 8 Tonne Vertical Hydraulic Ram 300mm

Hyundai HYLS8000VE - Electric Log Splitter 8 Tonne Vertical Hydraulic Ram 300mm

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Hyundai 8 Tonne Vertical Electric Log Splitter with Hydraulic Ram, Dual Handle Control 300mm Split | HYLS8000VE

  • Easily split logs up to 300mm: Thanks to the hydraulic ram, which is activated by a 3000w Hyundai electric motor
  • Ideal to process hard and knotty logs: Thanks to the 8 Tonne force produced
  • Reduce mess and shards of wood: Thanks to the sharp cutting wedge and hydraulic boom
  • Safe Operation: Features a protective steel cage to prevent debris from being ejected and two-hand operation
  • Peace of Mind: 3 year Hyundai home-use warranty* / 1 year commercial warranty*

Hyundai HYLS8000VE 8 Tonne Vertical Log Splitter

The HYLS8000VE is our robust, electric 8 tonne vertical log splitter. Designed to easily split seasoned or greenwood logs into manageable sizes for firewood or kindling. Perfect for use in your log burner, fire or firepit etc.

This Hyundai log splitter is also equipped to process tougher pieces of wood such as hard and knotty logs.

Unlike splitting logs using an axe, which can be physically demanding and sometimes messy, the electric motor and hydraulic ram easily split the logs and thanks to its clean cutting edge our log splitter should produce minimal shards when splitting, reducing the time spent cleaning up.

8 Tonne Splitting Force

The reliable Hyundai 3000w electric motor activates a hydraulic ram, which produces 8 tonnes of splitting force and can split logs up to 300 mm in diameter and 550mm in length. 

The powder coated steel structure and durable support leg ensures our log splitter will stand the test of time, even after years of operation.

The HYLS8000VE comes fitted with a 3-pin UK 13A plug, which can be plugged into any standard household 230V socket, using the 1.8m power cable.

Safe Operation

The Hyundai HYLS8000VE Log Splitter is designed for 2 handed operation, which prevents you from splitting wood unless both hands are out of harm's way.

3 Year Warranty

Peace of mind thanks to our 3 year home-use warranty, or a 1 year commercial warranty, with full UK spares and large aftersales team to handle any enquiry.

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