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Knipex 9516200SB Cable Shears With Twin Cutting Edge VDE 1000V 200mm

Knipex 9516200SB Cable Shears With Twin Cutting Edge VDE 1000V 200mm

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Knipex VDE 1000V Cable Shears cut stranded Cu and Al cable up to 70 mm² in two operations

The Knipex 9516200SB (carded) Cable Shears With Twin Cutting Edge can cut cable with large cross-sections professionally and conveniently. The twin cutting edge of the Knipex 9516200 is literally special in two respects. With larger cable cross-sections there is an initial cut into the insulating sheath in the front cutter profile; the metal conductors are subsequently cut in the back cutter profile. This division of work on the cutting edge brought about by its design makes work easier for the user. The initial cut in the front profile also provides a hand-friendly grip position for large cross-sections. Unlike diagonal cutters with blades that meet at an obtuse angle, and which crush cable insulation and deform cable ends, the Knipex 95 16 200 cable shears cut with the twin cutting edge using a scissors action. This principle produces a substantially better result, because the cable is not crushed, but is cut very smoothly and cleanly. They are therefore excellent for shortening stranded and finely stranded Cu and Al cables, also with large cross-sections. For reasons of design, the cable shears must not be used to cut steel wire or hard drawn copper conductors. These cable shears conserve the manual force of the fitter and protect the cable insulation by preventing crushing. The precision ground, hardened twin cutting edge delivers lasting clean, even cuts. Due to the favourable transmission ratio, comparatively little effort is required. The precisely running bolted joint also contributes to comfortable work using these cable shears. The bolted joint is self-locking and can be adjusted where necessary. The insulating multi-component grips offer users additional protection from an electric shock when working on live parts.


  • For cutting copper and aluminium cables
  • Not suitable for steel wire and hard drawn copper conductors
  • Precision-ground, hardened blades
  • Clean and smooth cut without crushing and deformation
  • Adjustable bolted joint, self-retaining screw
  • Low handforce required due to favourable lever ratio and special blade geometry
  • Pinch guard prevents operators' fingers being pinched
  • Adjustable bolted joint, self-retaining screw
  • High-grade special tool steel, forged, oil-hardened


  • Part number: 9516200SB
  • Shears: chrome plated
  • Handles: insulated with multi-component grips, VDE-tested
  • Dimensions: 200 x 68 x 19 mm
  • Standard: DIN EN 60900 IEC 60900
  • Cutting capacity copper cable, multiple-stranded: 70 mm²
  • Cutting capacity copper cable, multiple-stranded: 20 mm
  • AWG: 2 / 0
  • VDE tested: yes 
  • Weight: 0.340kg

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