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Knipex 9722240 Crimping Pliers 240mm

Knipex 9722240 Crimping Pliers 240mm

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Knipex Crimping Pliers with threaded holes for cutting copper and brass screws threaded M 2.6 / M 3 / M 3.5 / M 4 and M 5

The Knipex 9722240 (loose) Crimping Pliers are an all-round tool with several useful aspects. Ideal in a professional and semi-professional environment especially for smaller projects and tasks when the full range of tools is not available: on the car, in the camper van, on an airfield for model aircraft. Flat and pleasantly light at 300 g, you can easily take them with you in a jacket pocket or the outside pocket on work trousers. Thanks to the screwed, smooth-running and stable joint, all functions on these crimping pliers can be operated well. The multi-component grips sit comfortably in the hand. These universal crimping pliers can also be deployed before crimping: e.g. for cutting and stripping cable and wire. The suitably dimensioned openings prevent damage to the strands during wire stripping. A further function is available. As these crimping pliers are manufactured from high-strength special steel, threaded pins and screws made of soft material can be accurately cut to length, while the thread is protected. Crimping (crushing) plug connectors and cable connectors is an art, and depends on using the right amount of force. There must be enough for the cable connectors and plug connectors to be held securely on the cable, which is important to prevent spark formation and faults caused by loose connections, however plug connectors and cable connectors must not be crushed and then become unsightly and unusable. These crimping tasks can be performed well using the pliers, both on insulated or open plug connectors and on insulated cable connectors.

N.B. These Knipex 9722240 Crimping Pliers are identical to the Knipex 9722240SB but without the display card for hanging in a showroom.


  • For cutting cables, stripping wire and crimping insulated and non-insulated terminals, connectors and plug type connectors
  • With threaded holes for cutting copper and brass screws threaded M 2.6 / M 3 / M 3.5 / M 4 and M 5
  • Bolted joint for higher stability and even movement
  • Special steel, high-strength


  • Part number: 9722240
  • Pliers: black lacquered
  • Handles: with multi-component grips
  • Dimensions; 240 x 62 x 25 mm
  • Applications: insulated terminals + cable connectors non-insulated open plug-type connectors (plug width 6.3 mm)
  • Capacity in square millimetres: 0.5 — 6.0 mm²
  • Number of crimping positions: 3
  • AWG: 20 — 10
  • Weight: 0.270kg
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