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Makita 821549-5 MakPac Connector Case Type 1

Makita 821549-5 MakPac Connector Case Type 1

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Makita 821549-5 Makpac Connector Case Type 1

The Makita 821549-5 is a Makpac Case Type 1. The connector case system designed for the professional. With a strong and collapsible carry handle making the cases easy to move and store. Rounded grips make it easy to remove the individual cases. The MAKPAC connector case system consists of four cases varying in height. The cases can be stacked on top of each other and locked together with the locking latches. The interconnected cases take up less storage space and are easy to transport to and from the worksite. There are moulded inlays available to suit your machine then select a case size to suit your requirement. Makpac Connector Case Type 1 measures 396mm x 296mm x 105mm. 


  • Stackable for storage and easy transportation¬†
  • Strong and collapsible handles¬†
  • Four different sizes to choose from¬†¬†


  • Connector Case (Type 1)¬†
  • Length: 396 mm¬†
  • Width: 296 mm¬†
  • Height: 105 mm¬†
  • Weight: 0.7kg¬†¬†


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