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Numatic 914592 Stick Vac Pods (Pack Of 10)

Numatic 914592 Stick Vac Pods (Pack Of 10)

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The Numatic 914592 Stick Vac Pods  with dust lock seal, meaning there is no dust cloud

The Numatic 914592 is a Pack Of 10 High-Efficiency Filter Pods that fit all models of Henry, Hetty and Numatic Quick. No dust, no mess, no fuss. With a 1 Litre capacity, multi-layer filtration and a dust lock to trap dust inside the pod.


  • Hands-free emptying, making this extremely hygienic
  • Dust lock seal, meaning there is no dust cloud
  • Powerful Cleaning - Henry’s pod is the filter, meaning brand-new, out of the box performance with every new pod and no filters to clean.
  • Dust-Free Emptying - Multi-layer filtration and Dust-Lock Seal trap dirt and debris inside the pod for one-click, dust-free emptying
  • Recycled Pods - Henry Pods are climate positive and made from up to 65% recycled material. We're carbon offsetting all of our pods globally, reducing our carbon impact


  • Part Number: 914592
  • Pod Capacity: 1 Litre
  • Quantity: Pack Of 10
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