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Ox Tools Bricklayer / Brickies Apprentice Kit Bag

Ox Tools Bricklayer / Brickies Apprentice Kit Bag

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Brickies Apprentice or Starter Kit Bag

OX P262618 Pro Open Tool Tote Bag
OX T500206 Trade 600mm/24" Spirit Level
OX T081916 Trade 450g Combination Rubber Mallet
OX S248930  Premium SNR 29DB Folding Ear Defenders
OX T224101 Trade Retractable
OX P222010 Refills
OX P-506302 Pro Aluminium Kevlar Chalk Line Reel and Refill
OX T081302 Trade 2.5lb / 1.1kg Fibreglass Handle Club Hammer *
OX P100102 Pro 152mm- 6" Line Pins 2 Pack
OX P103510 Pro 105m Cyan Nylon Builders Line *
OX P031101 Pro Brick Jointer - 13 x 16mm / 1/2in x 5/8in
OX P010116 Pro 16mm Small Tool
OX P101801 Pro Rubber Line Block - x 4
OX P011211 Pro 280mm - 11" Brick Trowel Philadelphia Pattern
OX P011407 Pro 180mm/7" Gauging Trowel
OX P018506 Pro Pointing Trowel Philadelphia Pattern - 152mm / 6in *
OX T023503 Trade 30mt/100ft Open Reel Tape Measure
OX P016815 Pro 350 x 150mm/14" Plasteres Float *

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