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OX Tools

OX Tools - Pro Saw / Trade Saw / Teflon Coated Pro Handsaw 22"

OX Tools - Pro Saw / Trade Saw / Teflon Coated Pro Handsaw 22"

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High quality 1mm steel blade with double ground and impulse hardened teeth for a fast clean cut
8 TPI (teeth per inch) for fast universal cutting with or across the grain
Heavy duty screwed robust handle designed to be comfortable and durable
45' and 90' angles built into the handle for fast marking of angles on site
Suitable for cutting general building materials such as, wood, MDF, Ply, Marine Ply, Skirting, Plastics, UPVC, etc.


Ultimate ergonomic soft grip handle for extreme comfort and increased power
Triple ground and impulse hardened teeth for aggressive cutting and longer life
Improved stability for faster cutting
Integral 45' and 90' degree angles built into handle
Suitable for universal cutting


Superfine 13TPI cutting teeth for initializing cuts easier and faster
Teflon coated blade reduces heat, expansion and friction for greater cutting efficiency
Hardened teeth for durability and longer life
Engineered 8TPI and 65NM blade configuration for precision and razor-sharp cutting capability
Ergonomically designed soft grip handle for comfort during use
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