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Senco SGT90i Gas Nail Gun First Fix 90mm Framing Nailer 2 x Li-ion Batteries

Senco SGT90i Gas Nail Gun First Fix 90mm Framing Nailer 2 x Li-ion Batteries

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nail;With the Senco SGT90i framing gas tool, the user can harness the increased power of the SGT90i to guarantee efficiency and a professional finish with every nail! The SGT90i has the capability of firing 34° angle clipped head collated nails and shoots up to 8000 nails per charge. Fitted with a perfectly designed nose piece that will ensure no slipping when firing and the option of a removable no-mar pad that will prevent damage for more aesthetic applications.



The SGT90i will be equipped with two long life Li-ion batteries with quick charge function. A two minute quick charge equals 200 shots, no lengthy charging is needed to get the job done. In addition a LED Power Gauge helps the user instantly recognise the battery condition.






·         Cordless convenience - no hoses, no compressors, no hassles and navigates the job site with no restrictions



·         Powerful motor - high-voltage ignition gives you more power and cleaner combustion



·         Consistent drives In all weather conditions – performs optimally between -7° to 49°C



·         Durable metal magazine – rugged design outlasts plastic



·         Tool-free, metal thumb wheel depth-of-drive – easily control fastener depth with no tool required






·         Truss building



·         Framing



·         Sub-flooring



·         Sheathing and decks



·         Crate and box assembly



·         Pallet making



·         Fencing






·         Tool Type: SGT90i



·         Battery Type: Li-Ion



·         Battery Voltage: 7.20v



·         Battery Ampere Rating: 2.50 Ah



·         Fastener Type: CH Strip Nails



·         Firing Actuation: Restrictive



·         Tool Dimensions (LxWxH): 374x108x378 mm



·         Magazine Capacity: 70 Pcs



·         Fastener Length: 50-90 mm



·         Voltage (ac): 230v



·         Frequency: 50&60 Hz



·         Electrical Plug Type: Continental



·         Shots per Charge: 8000



·         Number of Batteries in Kit: 2



·         Fuel Cell: Yes



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