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Soudal Soudaband Pro BG1 Joint Sealing Tape Anthracite

Soudal Soudaband Pro BG1 Joint Sealing Tape Anthracite

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Item Thickness
Self adhesive precompressed sealing tape

4-9mm is 8m per roll
6-15mm is 4.3m per roll

PRE-COMPRESSED open cell polyurethane foam sealant tape. Used for the sealing, insulating and weather proofing of façades joints. The tape is impregnated with an adhesive and can be used without primer. Weather resistant to at least 600Pa. Matches the requirements of DIN 18542: 2009, class BG1. Conforms to DIN 4102, class B1. Fully UV and rain resistant. After application the tape expands to fill gaps and also adapts to uneven surfaces.Supplied in various roll lengths and widths.

 Product description 

Soudaband PRO BG1 is an impregnated, precompressed joint sealing tape which meets the BG1 standard. The product is suitable for use in a wide variety of movement joints and (window) connection joints in buildings up to 100m high. Soudaband PRO BG1 is driving rain tight up to 600 Pa, vapor permeable, UVresistant and has excellent thermal and acoustic properties. Soudaband PRO BG1 can be installed directly exposed to the weather, requires no installation into check reveal (rebate) or needs no further finishing. 


 Vapor permeable 

 Driving rain tight 

 Windproof 

 Acoustic and thermally insulating 

 Adapts itself to unevenness and joint movements. 

 UV-resistant 

 Dustproof 

 Complies with the requirements according to DIN 4108 (EnEv) and the recommendations of the RAL installation guide. 

 Easy to apply 

 No need for pretreatment or finishing 

 Self-adhesive backing (= installation aid)

 Non-staining at joint edges

 Neutral and odorless 

 Stays elastic and repaintable 

 10 years functional warranty (according to the manufacturer's conditions, available on request) Applications 

 Permanently elastic sealing of connection and expansion joints in masonry, prefab elements, concrete, sandwich panels, roof constructions, etc. 

 Sealing of (connection) joints around windows and doors 

 Sealing between metal components. 

 Acoustic insulation of joint


Colour: anthracite, grey Packaging: Rolls (pre-compressed to approx. 20% of the expanded original thickness), Various sizes available. Please consult the product catalogue, the Soudal website or a Soudal representative. Shelf life At least 24 months in original, unopened packaging at a cool and dry storage place, between +5°C and +25°C. Substrates Substrates: all usual building substrates Nature: Clean and free of grease. Slightly moist or slightly dusty substrates are no problem. The joint sides must be parallel (max. 3 degrees deviation). Voegafmetingen Example: Soudaband PRO BG1 20/4-9 20 = width of the tape (mm) = depth of the joint 4-9 = application range for BG1, thickness of the tape = width of the joint The width of the joint must fall within the application range of the joint sealing tape over the entire length of the joint. Maximum joint width: must be determined at the lowest possible temperature. Minimum joint width: is the pre-compressed thickness of the tape. The joint sealing tape may not expand more in its application than it is wide to avoid tipping over. 

Application method 

 For application only a spatula, a meter, scissors or a knife and where necessary wooden wedges are required. 

 Do not use the first and last part of the roll (approx. 3 cm). 

 When measuring the length/cutting of the tape add approx. 1 cm/m. 

 Do not stretch Soudaband PRO BG1 during installation. 

 Start with vertical construction joints at the bottom. In case of cross construction joints, apply them first horizontally afterwards vertically. 

 Measure the opening at door or window connections, not at the construction element. Use 4 separate pieces of joint sealing tape instead of 1 long piece. Attach the joint sealing tape to the construction element and finish the horizontal sides first, then the vertical sides. 

 Connect the tape (at an extension or in the corners) closely to butt joints to form a tight, compressed connection. 

 When working in damp of cold conditions Soudaband PRO BG1 can be fixed with wooden wedges until it is expanded. * Consult the Soudal website or a Soudal representative to receive a detailed installation guide. Health- and Safety Recommendations Take the usual labour hygiene into account. Consult the label for more information. 


 Clamp remaining rolls and weigh down opened boxes to prevent lateral expansion (telescoping) of the rolls. 

 When installing Soudaband PRO BG1, higher temperatures will speed up tape expansion while lower temperatures will delay tape expansion. 

 Soudaband PRO BG1 should not come into contact with solvents or aggressive chemicals. If in doubt, consult a Soudal representative. 

 Soudaband PRO BG1 is paintable with waterbased paints, however due to the large number of paints and varnishes available we strongly suggest a compatibility test before appication. 

 This product is elastic and therefore applied layers of paint can crack in joints that experience large movements (large difference in elasticity between sealant and paint).

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