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Trend KWJ700 Kitchen Worktop Jig 700mm

Trend KWJ700 Kitchen Worktop Jig 700mm

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The Trend KWJ700 KWJ700 Kitchen Worktop Jig, an all in one jig for joining worktops

The Trend KWJ700 Kitchen Worktop Jig is a hard-wearing solid laminate, 12mm thick jig that cuts both parts of the joint in 15 minutes including setting up. Trade all in one jig for joining worktops up to 700mm wide with a router. 


  • Pins made from ABS plastic for strength  
  • Engraved markings for identification of pinholes 
  • Engraved lines for short 65mm bolts and worktop cross-cut 
  • Three open-ended bolt recesses (dog bone style) for 150mm bolts 
  • Cuts up to 40mm thick worktops with or without anti-drip postformed edge 
  • Fixed lengths for 250mm, 300mm, 400mm, 500mm, 550mm, 600mm, 616mm, 650mm and 700mm wide worktops 
  • 10mm diameter plastic pins with tapered shoulder for tight fit provides three-point pin contact to ensure ease of setting up 
  • Left hand and right-hand corners, 400mm radius peninsular joint, 45-degree end cut with slight radius, 45-degree trade corner solution for hob units, 100mm radius corner, 40mm radius corner, 35mm kitchen door hole and 3/4inch BSP hole for mixer taps 

9 Functions:  

  • Male cut 
  • Female cut
  • 45° end cut 
  • Curved peninsular 
  • R40mm corner radius 
  • 45° mitre corner joint 
  • Connector bolt recess
  • R100mm corner radius 
  • 35mm circular hinge and 3/4" BSP hole  

Comes with:  

  • 6 x ABS Plastic Pins  

Jig requires:  

  • Two clamps  
  • A template guide bush with 30mm outside diameter 
  • A TCT router cutter with 12.7mm (1/2 inch) diameter and 50mm (2 inch) cut length 
  • A portable plunge router with 12.7mm (1/2 inch) shank capacity and minimum 1300 watts 


  • Weight: 5.4 kg 
  • Width: 390mm 
  • Length: 985mm 
  • Thickness: 12mm 
  • End Cut: 45 degrees 
  • Corner Radius: 40mm 
  • Corner Radius: 400mm 
  • Corner Radius: 100mm 
  • Corner Mitre Joint: 45 degrees 
  • Female cut material width loss: 35mm 
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