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Triton 2400W Dual Mode Precision Plunge Router 330165

Triton 2400W Dual Mode Precision Plunge Router 330165

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Technical Description

Powerful 2400W electronically controlled motor. Single spanner ‘above table’ cutter changing. Automatic shaft lock and power lock-off during cutter change mode. Fast plunge depth adjustment with winder handle and fine depth adjustment with micro winder. Quick switching to conventional plunge mode. Removable plunge spring for easy lifting and adjustment. Effective dust port.

Product Features

  • Multiple collets for a greater range of bit fitment
  • 2400W motor provides enough power for even the toughest timbers
  • Automatic spindle lock engages only when power switch cover is closed
  • Soft start and variable speed provides the perfect speed for all cutter types
  • Single button switches from plunge to fixed based router with rack and pinion adjustment
  • Micro winder enables continuous fine depth adjustment through the full plunge range
  • Rack and pinion height adjustment and table winder eliminates the need for expensive lifting mechanisms when used with router tables
  • Electronic speed control ensures a fine finish on all materials
  • Removable plunge spring for easy bit adjustment when table mounted
  • 3-stage turret with direct reading scales for precise pre-set cut depths

Additional Product Data


8000 - 21,000rpm

Maximum Cutter Shank


Plunge Range

0 - 68mm



What's in the Box

1 x TRA001 2400W Plunge Router

1 x Collet 1/2" (UK/EU/US/AU/SA)

1 x Collet 1/4" (US/AU/SA)

1 x Collet 8mm (RU)

1 x Collet 12mm (UK/EU/RU/SA)

1 x Collet 12.7mm (RU)

1 x Multi-Function Fence

1 x Table Height Winder

1 x Collet Spanner

4 x 1/4" 20UNC x 3/4" screws - sink head (US)

3 x M6 Screws (US)

1 x Instruction Manual

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